C++ won't run on ConnectCore 6UL SOM

Hi…we have a C/C++ program that we develop, compile and run in a docker container running DEY 3.2-r3. We compile it using gcc 7.5, the default compiler that comes with the image. It works great. We now want to run the program on our ConnectCore 6UL SOM. To do that, we compile it differently than we do via docker; we actually compile it with DEY’s toolchain which looks to be using gcc 10.2 (we’re using this specific toolchain because it’s linked to our Visual Studio). When we run the executable on the SOM, which is also running DEY 3.2-r3, it fails with the error: corrupted prev_size vs size. Can anyone point us in the right direction to help diagnose this issue?

sounds like a pointer or index is running out of bounds?:


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