Cache and DMA conflict

Hi,I’m using the net+50 with linux-2.0.38. The cache is disabled. In a newsgroup i found this is because the memory used for network dma gets inconsistent with cache. Has anybody got this working with cache enabled ? My idea is mapping the memory two times by extending the CS1 signal for SDRAM from 16 Meg to 32Meg. Only the first 16MB are cached, and I will change the dev_skb_alloc and dev_skb_free to return a pointer to the second uncached mapping. Do you think this will work ? Jochen

Ok it now works. I have a created a linux-2.4.20-uc0 Kernel with Cache enabled. Even network works rock solid and is 2.1 times as fast as with cache disabled. I have some lost TX-Interrupts, on network, but this happens even with cache disabled. Jochen