CAD Library for Mini-PCI Express Connector And Latch

I’m working on modifying one of my existing board designs to use the new RCM5700 module, with it’s unique mini-pci edge connector. Has anyone come across a CAD component library that includes the connector and latch?
I’m currently working with Eagle, but have been looking through libraries for all software packages.

Eagle has it! Search for PCI in eagle and it is in the molex library. I have not tested this layout against the one Rabbit supplies. I would buy the molex connector, but it seems min order is over 1000 and over $4/each.

Please let me know if you make any progress as I am trying to do the same thing.

Try this link:

I’m creating my own, with RCM5700 pin designations.
I’ll try to post it here when I’m done.
The parts are available through Rabbit Parts store pretty cheap.
Also, Molex will give you a handful of free samples through their website!

Where did you find it? Is it in con-molex.lbr?
I honestly don’t see it, but I’m still running 4.16.
I downloaded the molex libraries from the site, thinking their 5.x versions, but they don’t have it either.
My 5.x CD arrives this week, maybe I’ll have the right part then.
Thanks anyway!