Calibration of analog ports on Transport WR44 Telemetry 2 Card

Does anyone know the right way to configure/use the analog ports of the telemetry2 card on a digi transport with an external power supply?

I followed carefully all the steps of the telemetry2 user guide but the ports are not showing me the right reading.

Could you provide more information regarding the symptom of the problem? For example, what is the expected reading vs. what you’re seeing?

Hi Jeremym,

I’m trying to measure voltage from an external power supply that varies between 12-15 V for which i’m using a resistor between the positive terminal of the power supply and the “In” terminals of one of the telemetry card ports.

Since the card uses 4-20 mA current loops i’m expecting 4 mA when the power supply is set at 12V and 20 mA when is set at 15V. What i’m getting right now is 15.58 mA at 12V and 18.23 mA at 15V.