Can a single Xbee WiFi S6B send and receive data at the same time?


I’m using the Xbee Wifi s6b as a Client to talk to my Server(in JAVA, on my PC). The xbee is running in API mode and I’m using the IPx4 TX and RX Requests to talk to the Server. The thing is that I have a lot of data that needs to be ent over to the Server. However the Server should be able to interrupt that process and send a short command to the xbee. Also it is very important for the Server to receive all data in a timely manner. Currently I’m missing a lot of the short packets from the Server to the xbee and also sometimes I get totally trashed data in the RX buffer of the xbee.

Can the xbee receive and send data at the same time? Like in a full duplex mode?

The documentation talks about the xbee modes of operation: Idle, Transmit, Receive and Command modes. However can the xbee be in Transmit and Receive mode at the same time?

Huge thanks and hope you can give me some advice as this has been very frustrating in the past few days!!

No, the WIFI XBee module is not a full duplex device. You would need to have two antenna ports for a full duplex device. They can only be in one mode at any give time.