Multiple Xbees communicating with Multiple XBees

I am trying to work with a project where multiple devices will be communicating with each other over XBees. For example, device 1 may be sending data two device 2 and 3 over XBee. The problem is that communication can happen at any time and between anyone. This means that device 2 may “possibly” send data at the same time, resulting in device 3 getting two messages, while device 1 and 2 are supposed to be receiving a message while sending.

Is this even a possibility with XBee? If so, would it require something like synchronization of communication one the devices, or is there a way to configure the XBee devices to do this? I am mainly using XBee Pro’s, but I can switch to anything if needed.

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This should be possible to achieve, assuming you are using Series 2 (ZigBee). I would use API mode instead of AT, so the application knows which node sent which message every time.

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I am currently using XBee XSC (not the S3B but the S3 MCQ-XBEEXSC). I know they are not ZigBee, but I am not sure exactly what type they are.

I would like to use API mode, and I have seen in various places and manuals that mine has API mode, but I cannot seem to find out how to turn it on. Using X-CTU, there is no option for my device. Currently, my message that I send includes a from and to component, as well as the data. If this message is preserved given my below concerns in AT mode, I would be okay, but I know API mode is better.

So is the reason why ZigBee can handle it due to the Mesh Networking it employs. The big things I am concerned about are

  1. What type of message does device 3 get if device 1 and 2 talk to it at the exact same time? Two separate messages, or one that is thrown away?
  2. Can a device send and receive at the same time?
  3. I know all data is stored on an internal buffer and needs to be parsed quickly. Is there any information on how large that buffer is?

I have a few assumptions for these questions, however, I would like to get some confirmations.

Thanks for your time.

A 900HP was suggested for me to use. For a system communicating between multiple devices (with multiple xbees), would a DigiMesh or a Point to MultiPoint system be more reasonable?