Can anyone provide the commands to interface the rabbit 4000 processor with an external device?

Hello, There is a technical note “Designing with rabbit core module” at the below link.

Are you looking for this info?

May I know ,What exactly do you want to interface external device with the rabbit 4000?


In the RCM4000 Users manual I found:
Parallel Port A can also be used as an external I/O data bus to isolate external I/O from the
main data bus. Parallel Port B pins PB2–PB7 can also be used as an auxiliary address bus.
When using the auxiliary I/O bus for any reason, you must add the following line at the
beginning of your program.
#define PORTA_AUX_IO // required to enable auxiliary I/O bus. I am attaching some info and a sample for the Rabbit 4000.

Actually , I am new to this platform.I wanted to interface an FPGA to my rabbit processor RCM4000.I need to know the commands to be followed to access data from the FPGA memory,write it in my processor memory ,then read it and sent via a network…can u pls help me in this…

can you provide some samples regarding MEMWR ,MEMWR, IOWR ,IORD.pls.