Can I configure 2 Series 2 Xbees to simulate a USB connection?

I have 2 Series 2c Xbees that I am using for serial communication with a robot. I’m using Xbee adaptors to connect to the PC and to the robot. This works fine for the serial UARTs on the robot which used a Robotis Open CM 9.04 board. The board has a USB interface which is used to upload sketches from the Arduino IDE which used a standard USB cable and connectors.
What I would like to do is eumulate the wired USB cable with a wireless connection. Can this be done with a pair of Xbees? If I connect it all together it doesn’t work because the PC only recognises the Xbee adaptor as a standard comm port. When the PC is directly connected to the CM 9.04 board it creates a special virtual port.
If my Xbees can’t do this are there any other Digi devices that will emulate a USB cable?