Can I generate PWM with frequency higher than 1MHz using RCM4300

I am trying to generate PWM output on port C PWM channel 0 of the RCM4300. I want to generate frequency higher than 1MHz and minimum ON time 1us.
But I am not able to generate frequency more than 28KHz. I am using Main system clock with frequency doubler ON (Clock freq. 58.98MHz). Please help me.

When you call pwm_init() to set up the PWM output, what’s the return value? That should be the maximum frequency possible for those outputs.

I highly doubt it’s possible to hit 1MHz and have such a small duty cycle as 1us. What are you using the output for that requires such fast timing?

Looking at pwm_set(), it appears that 1/1024 is the shortest duty cycle possible with the Rabbit 4000’s PWM outputs.