PWM frequency?


I tried to post a question this morning at ~9 am and the question still has not appeared, so I’m posting it again.

I am a newbie to the rabbit 2000 micro and the BL2100. I’m working through the example programs and I’ve run into some issues. The ‘pwm.c’ example file is supposed to output a PWM waveform with an adjustable duty cycle. The duty cycle adjustment is not great, and glitches appear especially near the limits of the pwm (near 1 and near 99%). This is not a big deal. I’m more concerned with the frequency of the signal. The sample file, ‘pwm.c’ lists the frequency at 42Hz. The measured frequency with my oscilloscope is ~ 10.5 KHz (~ 95 uSec period). I’m not familiar enough with the micro to look at the timer setup to determine if this is a documentation type-‘o’, software problem, or hardware problem. Has anyone tried this example program? What is the correct frequency? If someone has an explanation of the timer setup to modify the pwm frequency (NOT duty cycle) and/or sample code I would be verify appreciative. Hopefully my learning curve with the rabbit will be quick. :rolleyes: