Help in PWM Frequency

Hi, All

Please if any one Can help me in the follwoign code :

#class auto

#use RCM41xx.LIB

#define ADC_SCLKBAUD 115200ul

void sDelay(unsigned int delay)
	auto unsigned long done_time;

	done_time = SEC_TIMER + delay;
   while( (long) (SEC_TIMER - done_time) < 0 );

void main()
   unsigned long  freq;
   auto float  Draw;

   freq = pwm_init(20);//  [I][B]It returen 112 Hz[/B][/I]

		 Draw = anaIn(0, SINGLE, GAIN_2);
		Draw = Draw/5.24 + 100;
                         pwm_set(0, (int)(Draw), PWM_USEPORTE);


I used this code to controlle Servo Motor Using a Varible Resistor.
But The Out put Frequency of the PWM is 112 Hz, and the typical frequency should be about 50 Hz.

I tried to reduce the Frequency in // freq = pwm_init(20);// But the Min Value I get is 112 Hz.

So Please if any one can Help Me in that .


How did you fixed this? I have the same problem. I get 112Hz as the minimum freq.