Can I have more than one XBee Series 2 Module Coordinator in the same network?

I am currently working on with my final year project which is the environmental monitoring that is to measure the temperature, humidity and heat index.
I am planning to have 3 Routers and 2 Coordinators where the Router 1 and Router 2 should send the data to the Coordinator 1 whereas the Router 3 will send the data to Coordinator 2.
If the data of the Router 1 and Router 2 is failed to send to Coordinator 1, it will try to send to Coordinator 2.
Is that possible to have more than 1 coordinator in the network and having the same PAN ID?

No per the Zigbee and IEEE standards, you can only have 1 coordinator per network.

But I read here, it mentioned that it is possible. How could this be?

The end devices in that application are Mobile and are Moving from one network to another. That is say one end device is in New York City with network A and it is then moved via truck to Hartford CT to Network B.