Can I reduct boot time on XBEE for battery application?

I am trying to keep my power use very low in a vibration energy harvesting scenario. I’ve got my XBEEs up and running just fine. I am using the PIN HIBERNATE function to keep power use low until I need to transmit.

My issue is that at boot up I notice that DIO5 is toggling. I realize the DIO5 pin is also the “association” indication output.

The “association” output toggles for several seconds before I can put the XBEE to sleep or transmit data.

After I get past this initial power up mode, the XBEE works flawlessly in my application.

I would like to get past this toggling of the association output stage more quickly if possible to save energy.

Any suggestions? I am using an XBEE 802.15.4 module (XB24-A).


Don’t use Association. Just use A1 and A2 set to 0.