Can I upgrade a wall router to the SE profile?

I’m doing a bunch of development around SE and need to scale out a network for test. I have several wall routers. Can I upgrade these to the SE firmware?

Mike Mill,

Yes, if done properly, you can upgrade the firmware on a Wall Router through a Gateway. However the gateway will need to have the latest POST and firmware installed for this option to exist.

Also, keep in mind that once you upgrade the Wall Routers to SE firmware, over-the-air upgrades will no longer be possible so your Wall Routers will be committed to SE usage only.

To get the SE Wall Routers switched back to Zigbee for instance would require an RMA, since over-the-air upgrade would no longer be possible. My advice is to only convert those Wall Routers to SE that you’ll absolutely need during your testing.

If I convert a Wall Router to the SE firmware, will it respond as a Load Controller or will I have to modify the python driver for that functionality?