can I use Java instead of Python for my software developement

I want to develop my own “Home Energy Management system software” using JAVA. I want to buy “Smart Energy Developers Kit”. And I don’t want to use “Device Cloud” or “Digi ESP for Python”. Rather I want to use 1) “ConnectPort X2e® for Smart Energy” (gateway) 2) ZigBee SE Smart Plug Connect my home appliances. And then develop my own Java application for monitoring & control with in the local HAN (Home area network). Does your product support what I want to achieve. Do you provide any APIs for developing Java based application. I greatly appreciate your help.
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Digi provides some sample programs wrt Device Cloud, Web service calls like getting data from Device Cloud, getting device status information etc. These sample programs you can export in Java.
Is this is the one were you looking for?

Hi, Thanks for answering. Based on your input, I found

sample java pgm

I will explore further.

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