Java usage on iDigi Gateway Development Kit


I am new to iDIgi Platform and zigbee related topics. I would like to develop a custom Java application over idigi platform which will handle ZB sensor related operations like Add sensor, modify sensor, delete sensor etc. I have gone through the webservice programming guide, purchased iDigi Gateway Development Kit, connectport x4 and I would like to have some initial direction (starting point) to start with my implementation -pointer to any sample application, documents would be helpful.

Thanks in advance


In iDigi Gateway Development kit to communicate with the XBee WallRouter and XBee Sensor, Zigbee communication takes place, where ConnectPort X4 acts as Coordinator and the custom application written in python will be able to communicate with the router and Xbee Sensor.

The python application examples for iDigi Gateway development kit are given in sample codes in Digi ESP for python. Even you can also go through ‘ — Browse Category’ for finding more suitable reference codes.

But you can communicate with iDigi Server Platform from your local PC using Java also. And also can make enhanced GUI to control remote gateway using Remote Command Interface.


Thanks a lot for the reply.

Also is there any document which will provide direction (how to) to integrate noniDigi zigbee based sensors into iDigi platform? Looking out for nonpython solution here.

Thanks again.

One more thing that you can use the free of cost software provided by Digi named “iDigi Dia 1.4.6” which can be easily used without doing manual programming, just by configuring some parameters in the .yml file from ‘Digi ESP for Python’ eclipse based IDE.

Go through Dia getting started guide from the