ConnectPort X4 interface


Anyone point me to the docs for a web services or lower level comms interface (ip, sockets etc) to the ConnectPort X4 to access my test xbee network. I just created this with the drop-in networking kit. (Very easy installation guys, impressed :slight_smile: ) FYI I would also like to do this in .net but any docs will work. I would appreciate an answer that didn’t start off ‘use python’ :slight_smile:

In a similar vein, I think I can see my way to using the web services interface - is there a similar one straight from the local network to the box without using the internet? I can see 8 ports open but no obvious ws interface?

TIA, Alan

See these Wiki pages:

If you poke around the Wiki, you’ll find reference to the RPCXML interface, plus you can send what Digi calls “RCI” requests to the normal Digi HTTP port & obtain responses. This can be done locally via Ethenet or localhost, but isn’t something I’m well versed at.

Thanks Lynn, I’ll do just that :slight_smile:


Aside from the “Resources” page, you can find quite a bit of iDigi Web Services documentation at this link:

There is no “local” version of iDigi Pro Manager, but the same SCI and RCI calls could be done from a home grown web services app if you wish to create one.