Need help on mesh addressing and serial interface board

Hey Folks –

I’m a total noob with these Digi devices, so please pardon my ignorance. I’ve just started working on a project to write a python application on a ConnectPort X2 that will send and receive messages to and from end nodes on a Digi/zigbee mesh network. My dev/test setup consists of a ConnectPort X2 Ethernet to Zigbee gateway, an Xbee wall router, and an Xbee RS-232 serial interface board (it has “XBIB-R-DEV Rev 4” on the board, and “XBee Series2” on the chip with an antenna attached).

I have the 3 devices associated with each other on a mesh, and I’ve been able to telnet to the ConnectPort X2 and run some simple python scripts. I can see the devices via the X2’s web interface, and I have the serial board connected to my PC, and have successfully sent it AT commands using X-CTU.

So far, I’ve written a script to discover the nodes and send some small messages using the supplied Zigbee-enhanced python sockets code. As I understand it, this is similar to sending UDP datagrams. Now I’m at the point where I want to receive some data on the X2 via python sockets. Since I’m using the serial board to simulate an “end” node on the mesh, is it possible to get it to echo back messages it receives?

Here is where I am totally clueless about the devices’ capabilities. Is it possible to load a python script onto the xbee serial interface board for testing? Can I target some sort of existing functionality on the serial board by using some magic combination of parameters in the address tuple? By the way, what exactly ARE the endpoint, profile_id and cluster_id parameters? Can I set them all to zero?

I’ve read through almost all of the documentation included on the CD for the kit, including the “Digi Python Programming Guide” and I can’t figure out how addressing works on a zigbee mesh network, or how to load files onto the serial interface board for testing. If someone could just point me in the right direction, as far as where to find some more information, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!