Sample program help needed!!!


Sorry to be a nuisance but i’m not good with programming (especially with Python), so does anyone know a sample program that can search for nodes, create a mesh network, and read whatever data it’s receiving on it’s serial port and display it??? … i’ve got about 2 or 3 nodes at most (these nodes are each connected to a Xbee dev. board with Xbee ZNet.25 AT firmware loaded) and each node has a device sending out data to it’s serial port.

Hi meme,

Could you elaborate on your hardware setup? You say you have 2 or 3 nodes on XBee dev boards programmed with ZNet 2.5 AT firmware. Do you have a ZNet2.5 radio programmed as a coordinator? If not, you will need one to create the mesh network between them.

If you have one of Digi’s Gateway products (ConnectPort X8, X4, X2) with a ZNet2.5 programmed radio in it, that will work. Otherwise you need to convert one of the ZNet 2.5 AT radios into a ZNet2.5 API Coordinator radio. That step can be accomplished by using X-CTU, a free software package that Digi provides. You can find an installer for X-CTU at the link:

It says Japan on it but I think it’s the right one (The installation steps were in english).

If you are using the Digi Gateway for your coordinator, you can use the programming information found at the links below as a starting point for both python, and how to interact with the XBee radio:'s_Guide#Sample_Programs

The links contain some working samples as well.

Good luck!

Hi mkotasek,
Yes i have a connectportx2 gateway which acts as my coodinator.

I’ve seen those links before but im not so good in programming so i’ve had some problems trying to get some code running to do what i want. I’ve also tried modifying some of the sample programs to suit my purpose but had no luck. I was hoping i could actually find a program that discovers nodes and reads and displays the data it gets from its serial port all in one program … but i’ve only find programs that do either or, not both. I’ve found other programs that discovers nodes and receives other info like battery voltage etc. but havent had much luck modifying them to read and receive serial data.