steps to program the gateways with Python


This is my first application with the iDigi materials.

I have managed to build my ZigBee networks containing two XBee Pro S2 as Router and gateway CPX4 as Cardinator (Star).

I am doing research on programmtion of Python gateway. To begin, I want to find modules.
I take the script “” from this page,780
and I upload it in the gateway(connectport x4 ZB)

With these commands inCommand Prompt:

telnet @ gateway


But I get an error in ligne “import zigbee”. There is a file “” that contains a single line: "from _zigbee import * "

How can I solve this problem?!
I like to know the steps to program the gateways.



In Digi ESP for python when running the program select the option “Run as Remote Digi Python Application” which load the program to the gateway and executes.

still if you are facing the issues, submit an Online Support Request in the Digi website, you can get best solution for the problem.

Does the file exist on your gateway? If it was deleted, you do need to restore it. The magic ‘_zigbee’ file is part of the X4 firmware.