No module named zigbee

Hi everybody,

I work with gateway X2 and a Xbee Sensor connected. When I run the Dia in ESP, I receive the error:

ImportError: No module named zigbee

In the code:
import xbee
import zigbee as xbee

I don’t understand why i receive this message, could you help me, please?



This error shows that in your gateway at WEB/python/ path there is no python file named Therefore you will have to upload the to the gateway either through WebUI or through iDigi Manager Pro.

Hello Greg,

Are you trying to run the Dia in your local PC or in the X2 Gateway?

The Digi ConnectPort X products have an embedded Python module called xbee to manage the XBee interface of the device. The problem is that there is not such library for the PC, so if you try to run the Dia in your local PC you will receive that error.

At present you can run the Dia software in a PC, but without using the XBee interface.


That file ( is largely a dummy file, as the real code is in the operating system of the X2.

Create it yourself with this single line inside, then upload:

from _zigbee import *