interfacing xbee modules with external device

i’m a beginner and need some major help PLEASE!

i have the drop in networking professional development kit (ConnectPort X2 Gateway, USB interface Board, 2 RS232 interface boards and 1 Xbee wall router) and i am trying to interface it with a gas sensor. The gas sensor has a RS232 serial port which i have connected to one of the Xbee RS232 interface boards. I’ve set the gas sensor to constantly send out a single gas measurement and i want to be able to see this on my screen. Can someone tell me what i should do next? Someone told me this should happen automatically but i’m not sure if i have to create a python program and upload it to the gateway in order to do this? If so, can someone give me an idea of how i can start this program? I’ve never done python before. Sorry!


start with example applications provided on cd.
the simple plan is: