Can I wirelessly ping a digi TransPort WR21 router if I have an active sim card?


This is down to the service provider of the SIM and if they provide an address that is accessible.

So the first part what address has the provider Given ?

If it is a “10.” this is a provate address and is not accessable directly from the internet.
This address could be accessable from another private address but only if the provider has allowed routing within there network.

if the provider has given a public address then thiscould be accessable but again there are anumber of providers that are using 31. address which are public but are not allowing inbound traffic to initiate the request




Thank you for this information. The mobile IP address does in fact begin with a 10. I have spoken with the technical support staff from AT&T, as they are the ISP we have a data plan with. The concept of a mobile initiated vs. mobile terminated IP address did not register with them. I will initiate another tech service request. Do you have any line of sight on whether or not AT&T is capable of providing a data plan which will work? Cheers.


AT&T should offer what we call a “mobile terminated” plan that provides a publicly accessible IP address, for example, an IP address that you can ping from the Internet. The IP address with these plans will likely be Static.