Can multiple XBee-PRO XSC Radios operate on a single antenna using an RF splitter combiner?

I need to use multiple paired sets of XBee-PRO XSC Radios(MirXR25) at one location, and I prefer to use a single directional antenna. Can I use an RF Splitter/Combiner like RFLT4W0502G to combine multiple Radios onto a single antenna? There will be some minor RF losses in the Splitter/Combiner and likely occasional Data Collisions between the multiple un-synched MirXR25 Radios at the Master location, but I’m assuming the FHSS protocol will handle these OK, and they should work reliably. Any Insights or Comments you may have will be appreciated.

Thanks, Paul H. Bott, P.E.

That is something that really should be submitted as a case so that Digi Support can answer it.