Multiple Networks on same Channel?

If I was to implement several different networks in one environment, would it be acceptable to use the same channel with different Network ID’s for the discreet networks? I would need to keep the sensors separate. I want to use channel 25/26 with XB3 Pro’s and send it out to a client that will be in a different environment every day. They won’t be scanning for open frequencies or programming anything.

Which scenario would be better?:

3 separate Networks on one CH/Frequency or 3 separate Networks on say CH15, CH20 and CH 25 knowing there may be unknown noise levels on the overlapping Channels?


Yes you can do that but it is always better to try to keep the networks on different channels if possible. This way there is no cross talk occurring or the sharing of the bandwidth.

Digi Support

I assumed this was the case but wanted to be sure. Thanks for the clarification. Thank you for your reply.