can not connect to internet

I have recently purchased DIGI XBEE CELLULAR LTE CAT 1 DEV.

I was following the tutorial, and successfully sent sms to phone number, and connected to echo server.

However, today I can’t connect to echo server anymore, I realize that the device is not connected to internet.
The MY field is, and the AI field is 23, indicating it is connecting to internet.

Could you please help me to solve the problem? The device is really new, and I have used it for only one day…

Kind regards,

Check that the AN setting (APN) is set correctly. It sounds like you are using the development kit, so AN should be set to wyleslte.gw7.vzwentp per the documentation here:

thans a lot !
this is exactly the solution to my problem !!!
After configuring the APN, I could connect to internet again, yay !