Can not reset AnywhereUSB/5

I am having trouble reseting my AW5.

It’s connected with a crossover ethernet cable, and followed the instructions for the reset procedure.

While running the rescue command, it just hangs.

These are my version settings

What am I doing wrong?

Please refer to the KBase article

you can hard reset the device following the below option

Using the front panel Reset button
If the AnywhereUSB cannot be accessed from
the web interface, the configuration can be
restored to factory defaults using the Reset butto
n. This kind of reset clears all configuration

  1. Disconnect power from the AnywhereUSB.
  2. Hold down the front panel Reset button.
  3. While holding the Reset button down
    , connect power to
    the AnywhereUSB.
  4. Wait about 10 seconds, until the System
    Status LED blinks a Red 1-5-1 code.
  5. Release the Reset button.