anywhereusb/5 factory reset


I have an anywherusb/5 but can’t reach it.

I tried awrescue with mac-address but nothing happens

I also tried to connect to LAN and look in my DHCP server, but no so - front system led is blinking green.

How can I get it factory reset so I can use it?



Which model AWUSB/5 do you have? The legacy/1st generation, or a newer model (AWUSB/5 G2 or AWUSB/5 M)?

I am not sure - I think it is the first generation it has firmware 1.8 and does not have any more model names on the labels

If it’s labeled “AnywhereUSB 1.80” then it’s the legacy/1st generation (obsolete) AnywhereUSB/5. Factory resetting is actually not applicable to that model, only the newer models. AwRescue is a tool for a specific issue, when the System Status LED is solid red. Since your SS LED is blinking Green, that tells us it’s in working order. Maybe this KB article will help?