Can only get one node to associate at a time on digimesh

I have a network setup with a connectport X4 with digimesh 2.4 inside and a node that is 300ft away collecting data and sending it to the X4. When I add another node that is only 150ft away from the X4 only one of the node will send data back to the X4. both have been loaded with the same .pro file from X-CTU. Just wondering if there is a that would stop both of them from being able to be in the the same network? Or what steps I can take to figure out why only one of the nodes work at a time.

But when I bring both nodes into with in a few feet of the connectport they work great.

attach your config file for us to see. something must be wrong in the settings.

How do I attach a config file. I do not see a attachment icon in the forum editor.