Can Rabbit WEB Detect an Array Change?

Hi, I have and application that stores Public keys in and ASCCI form. They are stored in and char array in a structure that�s arrayed in another structure. I am using a for loop to Display a text box with a radial button (To Select the Key). The web statement I tried referencing the char array directly and referencing the outer array directly but Rabbit WEB just can�t seem to tell if there has been and Change in the text box on my form and consequently do�s not update the stricter in the Application device. If I load the char arrays with data it displays the data on my form in the text boxes but it can�t detect change in them. Am I doing something foolish? Do I need to open up a buffer somewhere in Rabbit WEB?

Make sure you encode variable’s name. Chars ‘[’ and ‘]’ must be escaped.


Hope this helps.

It appers to be having truble with a Hidone input box, and itrestingly enuff it works when i dont use the varname function.