rabbitweb structure variables

Hello, I am unable to update variables in a structure format as follows:

struct body
double InputValue;
double SetPoint;
double Proportion;
double Integral;
double Derivative;
#web PID

Using :

FORM ACTION=“/A/html/index1.htm” METHOD=“POST”>

Could someone please explain why this does not work. The variables display fine in the webpage but never update.


Take a look at samples cpip\rabbitweb\structures.c and the accompanying html page. This shows how to implement structures with RabbitWeb.

Thanks for the response. I looked over those examples last night and understand. I think the problem lies when I created the array of the structure. If I revert to a single structure, it works.

When All Else Fails… Keep Reading :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

For the value to be updateable, th
e NAME field must be the name of
the variable. Otherwise, when the
form is submitted, the web server will not know where to
apply the new value. This is not true of arrays.
When referencing arrays the name must differ some
what from the C name because the ‘[‘ and ‘]’ symbols
are not valid in the NAME parameter of the INPUT tag due to limitations in HTTP.
function must be used to make the
variable name safe for transmission.
That is,
automatically encodes the variable name correctly.