XML and structure of data

I use this structure of data ;

typedef struct AR_zone_t {
int etat;
int duree;
int sortie;
int indice_valide;

struct AR_zone_t AR_zones[8];

It works with Dynamic c 9.62 but it seems that it does not work with 10.72D because I still have problems reading variables in a xml files

How to write the structure?

Thanck you for the answer.

How are you indexing that array in your RabbitWeb/ZHTML files? You should be using index 0 to 7. Maybe you should email me with the ZHTML file you’re using, and what the Rabbit’s generated output looks like so I can help you troubleshoot.

The solution is :

With this structure

Ihave declared the variable web as in my program with Dynamic C 9.62

#web AR_zones[@].etat groups=user(rw)
#web AR_zones[@].duree ((0 < $AR_zones[@].duree) && ($AR_zones[@].duree <= 20)) groups=user(rw)

This syntax don’t work with Dynamic 10.72D

You have to declare the variables like this.

#web AR_zones groups=user(rw)

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