protected struct

Hello all,

I’m using protected variables in my Dynamic C program. It works well except for structures.

My structure is defined like this:

typedef struct{
    int aaa;
    int bbb;
    int ccc;

protected t_mystruct sth;

When i turn off my card and turn it on again, my structure’s variables have not the last given values.

I have tried with this too:

typedef struct{
    protected int aaa;
    protected int bbb;
    protected int ccc;

protected t_mystruct sth;

But it doesn’t work too.

Did someone have already try to protected a structure?
If yes, how?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I’m using Dynamic C 9.62 and a BL2600 board

I’ve just review my code and it works.
It didn’t work before because i’ve forgotten to delete the initialization of my struct variable…