Can SQLite be used on a WR21?

Is it possible to use SQLite on a WR21 or similar?

I have an existing implementation of a program I am working on that uses a SQLite database to index the data on a device I am communicating to. I know Python normally supports this functionality and that the Digi devices do not natively. I have heard from an Application Engineer at Digi that it is possible to add support for SQLite to these devices. From what I have seen, there is no pure Python implementation of SQLite. Is it possible to use a third party module that isn’t only Python? I would imagine there would need to be some sort of cross compilation step… Any suggestions or maybe an example of importing a different third party library?

Otherwise I would be willing to port this over to another format if I have to. What would be the best supported way to go? It looks like I could generate a raw list in Python, or a flat file in XML, or YAML.

The answer I found is that it may be possible with CTypes, but is not natively supported.