Is it possible to put files on the WR21 in directories?

I have managed to host a minimal HTTP site on the WR21. But if I want to add more with some sort of a directory structure how is that done? Or can it be? I have seen a way with the ESP to add/run zipped directories with python modules but I don’t see straight forward way to access normal files. Is there a way to do it?

you’d have to FTP it up. I think that’s the way the ESP handles it.

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I don’t have a problem getting files on the device. Are you saying I can use directories to store files if I use FTP?

To access the files you need to FTP to the device.
Whatever files you want to store on TransPort will be in the flash directory and access those files using FTP (filezilla)

This is in regards to the file system being flat and not allowing the use of actual directories. Using FTP is not the concern here.