Can the XBee 900 HP be configured via SPI?


I am working on a project , for some purpose I bought Xbee pro 900HP.I attempted to connect it with Arduino Nano 33 BLE via SPI. It’s proved that SPI is functioning because I got modem status feedback on RESET.
But facing problem with transmission of data as I am not getting any request for sending data , this is certify because the amount of current keep going on same after transmitting request. In addition other xbee ‘s are also not getting any data. Please sort out my below issues.

After settling SPI comms , is it possible for me for transmission or more configuration is required? if yes ,please describe.

Explain the pattern of transmitting Instructions of AT via SPI.
Elaborate the bytes that could go here and also tell me about the frame ID. I f we take a look of examples we can assume that it can be 0x52 or 0x01.

Thank you.

If your Arduino is a SPI Master device, then yes it would work. But you need to be sending 0xFF’s to read data over the SPI port. You also need to use the API frames when trying to send data to the XBee.

No additional configuration is needed if you are following the steps in the manual.