SPI communication in Programmable 900HP Module

I have read that Xbee 900 HP modules support SPI only in Slave mode so I ordered programmable version to simulate xbee as a master (soft SPI). I have very dire need to make xbee master.

On the other hand Xbee Firmware Library 1.1.4’s Programming Guide mentions that
“The SPI API implementation for the Programmable XBee module can only run in master mode, slave mode is not
supported yet.”

The API has provided a function for this purpose too.
ssize_t spi_transfer (uint8_t ss_num, const void *txbuf, void *rxbuf, size_t len)

Currently I am unable to drive a slave device (Freescale Accelerometer) with this approach.

Can anyone has solved this dilemma? I need a basic working code for SPI. Also even if it is possible what I am trying to achieve here?

Much appreciations for response.

In order to receive data you must issue FF’s. Are you doing that on your slave device?