I2C with XBee?

Is it possible to connect the XBee directly with an HX711 (communication like I2C)?

No the XBee module does not have an I2C port in which to connect with. This can only be done on an XBee that is using a Programmable versions with the proper code on the secondary FreeScale processor.

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Which software would you propose?
Is there any user guide for programming i2c on XBee?

As stated before. The XBee modules do not support I2C. The programmable versions which come with a 2nd processor use a DIO line and bit bang the data out to read I2C data. Yes, there is an example within the Code warrior and ESP code offered on Digi’s web site.

I have a programmable XBee, then I try to use I2C but I am unable to see any CLK from my master XBee. My I2C device is sparkfun TSL2561 but I am not able to see any clock signal from the master. Also tried in oscilloscope I am getting 3.3V .My XBee is XBee pro S2C . Any body know why I am unable to connect to my I2C devices.

Are you running the I2C sample app for the programmable? have you assigned a pin for that function?

Yes. Now I can assign address of the device. But I can not able to read data from that