Can XBee communicate with I2C Sensors using XBee Python library

XBee NewBe: Excuse me if some of my questions are trivial.

Is it possible to read data from an i2c sensor only using an XBee (no processor).
I know the XBee Python library supports I2C, but is this library installed on the XBee, and can the XBee then act as an I2C Master?

b) My test application is as follows:

  1. XBee 1 - 6 (battery) waking up every 2 minutes collecting Data from 2 I2C sensors Each
    (Thought I’d use 2.4 Ghz XBee Mesh modules)

  2. XBee 0 Installed in Control Panel (CP) running on Mains Power: Always on
    CP also has an WiFi Access Point (AP)
    Is it possible for XBee 0 to stay connectd to the AP so that a Computer can retrieve data
    from XBee 1-6 over WiFi (using API or ??)

Thanks in advance for all the help I can get!

That is going to be dependent on which XBee module you use. In most cases, you are going to need to use a Programmable XBee to read the I2C data with.

The XBee modules you are referring to would most likely be connected via the UART so unless you are using sleep modes, your processor between the XBee 0 and your WIFI AP serial port or Ethernet port could receive the data as it is received or sent.