I2C on XBee-Pro 900HP S3B

I have 2 Xbee-Pro 900HP S3B.
I’d like to connect an I2C sensor on a remote XBee and read on another one connected to an Arduino.
Is it possible?
Is there a configuration for a XBee work with I2C?

You will need to use a Programmable XBee for an I2C interface. The standard XBee modules are simply not able to understand the I2C interface where as the Programmable version allows you to load the necessary code on the freesacle process to read the data.

I’d like to use Arduino connected to XBee to read the input and output of a remote XBee. On this remote XBee I have an I2C sensor. Is it possible with Arduino?

I am not sure you understand. The XBee module by its self does not have the ability to read an I2C sensor output. That is to say it does not have a line that support I2C data. But if you use the Programmable versions of the XBee, the Freescale processor that is added to the Programmable does have the ability to read the I2C data and then use the RF processor to transmit the data. On your receiving side, you are still more than welcome to read the data on an Arduino, PC or any other device you so desire.