Can two different power ZNET 2.5 xbee modules communicate with each other ?

Hi everybody,
I m very new about rf modules so my question may be a little bit silly :slight_smile:

The question is can two different power xbee modules ( for example 50mw and 60 mw xbee pro modules or a xbee pro module and series 2 xbee module) communicate with each other? if is that impossible, why they dont do that? i dont have any different power xbee modules so i cant try it :frowning:

Thanks for your reply…

No, they can’t as they are operating with different protocols. Only modules with similar protocols can communicate with each other.

Znet 2.5 to Znet 2.5 (Pro or standard)
ZB to ZB (Pro or standard)
802.15.4 to 802.15.4 (Pro or standard)

Thank you very much for your quick reply