network between xBee-Znet and xBee-XB24

I have two xBee-XB24 and one xBee-ZNET 2.5. Is it possible to use the xBee-ZNET as a coordinator and the other two as routers or end-devices.
And if yes, I need some help to configure the AT firmeware setup.
Thanks a lot Martin

A ZNet 2.5 module’s part number would start in XB24-B or XBP24-B. An 802.15.4 module would start as XB24-A or XBP24-A.

In your post you said you have two XB24 and one XBee ZNet 2.5, so I’d say the answer to your question is no, unless all three modules are -B modules.

Thanks for the fast reply.
The “Function Set” of the X_CTU prg. shows for two modules 802.15.4 and for one ZNET 2.5.
So, the aswer is no.

Regards Martin