Can Xbee Cellular LTE use non Digi cloud SIM?

I can read the SIM card for the Digi cloud supplied with the Xbee cellular unit. I can not read the SIM card provided by Verizon for my account. Is there a way to enable the use of non Digi cloud SIM cards?

Yes, you can use any Verizon SIM care you so choose providing it supports Data. You can verify that the SIM cards data was read by reading the:

PH (Phone Number)
MN (Operator)
MV (Modem Firmware Version)
DB (Cellular Signal Strength)
AM (Airplane Mode)
DV (Antenna Diversity)

Just make sure you fully inform VZ of the LTE type you’ll be using, because at least CAT1 and CATM1 need different VZ SIM! Not sure if CAT3-vs-CAT1 is different.

In the U.S. You must purchase the Verizon versions of the Digi Xbee LTE . Then you can use Verizon SIMs.