Lacking or poor documentation on first time connect to cellular

I have the Xbee LTE CAT1 cellular modem dev kit. It came with the modem module and verizon sim card. The only thing an of the documentation says about getting online is that it comes with 6 months of free cellular data. Nothing anywhere explains what I’m supposed to do to activate with a carrier. This implies (though the lack of positive confirmation means the implication could be wrong) that everything should ‘just work’ after booting up and setting whatever parameters the manual says to set. I’ve tried both the “XBEE Cellular” firmware and the “XBC LTE CAT1 Verizon” firmware and in both cases the Associate LED stays solid indicating I’m not connected to a cell network. Naturally, attempts to send SMS messages does nothing.

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The sim card should already be active and you should not need to do anything other than connect it up. If it is not working, please contact Digi Technical Support, your Digi Account manager or Customer Service.