SMS no longer working with either of my two Xbee Cellular LTE CAT 1 Verizon modules

I recently purchased two Xbee Cell CAT 1 Modems (Verizon). One was part of the development kit and one a stand alone module. Both were working well with SMS for a couple of weeks and then suddenly (June 24th) neither could send or receive SMS. Digi provided the Verizon Sims for both. Both units are continuing to function well with tcp communication to a data logging website using the Micropython on the modules. Has anyone else seen this problem recently?

Is your unit still displaying a phone number in the PH parameter in XCTU? Is the IP parameter set to the proper option?

You may want to email in order to verify the status of the SIM cards.

Thanks for the response, I am getting PH #'s for both devices and each appears to be connecting properly ti the internet AN:wyleslte.gw7.vzwentp. I emailed maintenance as you suggested and am waiting on a reply. Verizon told me the sims are provisioned as data only and it’s not their problem …Talk to Digi :slight_smile:

Just to follow up on the SMS problem…Digi looked into the situation and determined that it was an issue on the carrier side (Verizon). SMS started working on both units on July 6th and has had no problem since then.