Cannot connect an HTTP Monitor to AWS API Gateway

I’m having issues with an HTTP monitor I’ve created to push notifications to an API endpoint. I’ve followed the documentation located here ( I’ve also been able to follow this tutorial (

Using the API Explorer under the Documentation tab of the Remote Manager, I submitted the following request:
URL: /ws/Monitor
Method: POST
Response Time: 1.311s
Time Sent: Wed Dec 13 14:47:20 CST 2017


When the device connects to report its state, it seems that it tries to fire this push notification. Each time, I’m receiving the following alarm:
Monitor disconnected: transport channel was closed

You can test accessing my API Endpoint by running the following curl statement (no authentication needed):
curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST -d “”

It should respond with:

Can someone tell me what this alarm means? Alternatively, is there another way I should go about this?


Hi @mpfluger, Were you able to solve the problem?

Hi @mpfluger, Were you able to solve the problem?

Hello, i have the same problem, hope somebody from digi can help us.


Hi everyone,

I eventually received a follow-up email from Digi saying the following:

“The HTTP library which DRM uses for delivering events doesn’t support the SNI TLS extension API Gateway uses to know which TLS certificate to hand out. That’s why it seems that authentication is failing, even though you said your API call doesn’t require authentication.”

At this time, I worked around the problem by building an API Gateway entry point, a Lambda function to poll the Digi RESTful web services, and a CloudWatch even to trigger the API Gateway every 5 minutes to invoke the lambda function. It’s not ideal, but it works.