DeviceCloud's Monitoring Service to connect to GCM and Apple's APNS

I would like to (if possible) register Monitors with DeviceCloud to push alarm data to applications on users phones/devices. From what I can see in the “Device Cloud Programming Guide” Monitor configuration is fairly limited (unless I am not understanding something). I can set up a URL, authorization string, PUSH/POST, JSON/XML and a few other things but that seems to be about it.

Is there a way to add Google Cloud Messaging’s (GCM) registration token into the JSON header so that a monitor can target a specific instance of the app? (This would also be true for Apple’s APNS tokens). Or do I need to set up another server to receive notifications from DeviceCloud and then parse and forward them from there to a specific app instance? Thanks, I’m a bit new to this so I hope my question makes sense.

The http monitor support in Device Cloud is not quite customizable enough to point directly at either service so you would need an intermediate server that can transform the request into something they can understand.

In order to work with both of them the http monitors would need to allow custom headers to be specified and also customize the body of the request instead of the fixed format (xml or json) that is offered currently.

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Thank you. I’ll look into creating an intermediate server.