Cannot get a reponse from XBEE sb6 wifi

Apologies if this is a dumb question or if it has been answered elsewhere, I have been searching the web for a couple days without finding a suitable answer.

I have multiple XBee WIFI SB6.
They have the 2026 firmware installed.

They are all setup to UDP transmit to they IO state every 1000 ms by setting IR to 3E8.

I am able to send (via WIFI) data to the XBEEs to turn the GPIO’s on and off for a few minutes, but after than I am no longer able to get them to respond.

When they stop responding to my commands they are still broadcasting the IO samples every 1000 ms but they will not do anything else.

I have the SM (sleep mode) set to Normal which is always awake.

Any ideas?

Are you able to send and receive data via the UART of the radio?

Hello FWD308,

Would you be able to send me the profiles being used?

Having that information will allow me to recreate and hopefully find the issue.

Thank you,

I cannot test this as the base board I am using does not use the UART, I am only using the GPIOs

Then I would suggest obtaining an XBIB board in which you can then mount the radio on and eliminate some of the unknowns.