Cannot get HTTPS to work - local ethernet or of cellular

I am unable to access the Web UI on the Digi Transport WR11.
Under network services Enable HTTPS server is enabled.
Firewall is NOT enable on the Ethernet or mobile interface.

I have done factory resets, upgraded firmware to is now resulting in repeated errors in the device event log which I will “try” to follow up Digi support on: Certificate Code Error ;Lib: SSL routines;Func SSL_CTX_use_certificate_file;
Reason: PEM lib), and some other setting alterations to no avail.

Looking the IP connection stats, it looks like the connection is just being closed???

ID SID State Local IP Addr Local Port Remote IP Addr Remote Port
2 -1 CLOSED Closed ( FW2 ) 443 x.x.x.x 53127

One would think this would be something simple… Any help would be appreciated.

Hi There,

I have had a similar issue with a customer so may or may not be related.

In version 7 or 8 firmware, factory defaulting a unit deletes the cert01.pem which is the certificate used for HTTPS.

With these firmware versions the cert 01.pem file is dynamically created after factory defaulting if the time on the unit is after 00:00:00 1st Jan 2019.

However, if the unit has never had its time set, its time will be however long the router has been powered since 00:00:00 1st Jan 2000.

You can set the time with “time 00 00 00 01 01 19” via SSH or Telnet.

I suspect you may have another issue though if the above doesn’t work.

Nicholas Wilson
Your IoT