Can't boot either of the methods


Hope someone can be of assistance.

I’ve received a demo board to test out-ConnectCore6 IMX6 WiFi Bluetooth.

I’m supplying it with 5 VDC and 1A. Power light is on.

Nothing appears on screen-I’ve been told it has a demo on there already.

So I assume this is not the case.

I’ve tried booting via SATA to no avail.

Same goes for SD-Card.

To just further expand on my current knowledge. I code firmware for various dev boards. The Pi,Rock 64, Pine 64 and others.

So my way of thinking is dev board way

Any advice will be appreciated

Do you have serial console connected to the board?
Do you see any activity on serial console when you power up?
Please follow this:
and make sure all cables and switches are connected properly.